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Principal's Message

Principal's Message

 A very warm welcome to the updated version of the St. Mary’s School website. You will note that several changes and innovations have been incorporated to amply portray the inherent character and values that St. Mary’s School stands for.

Over the years – 15 to be specific- St. Mary’s School, Mahadian has evolved into one of the most prestigious and much sought after educational institutions in Fatehgarh sahib district. This is possible because of the concerted efforts and whole hearted commitment of the Management, Staff, students and parents of the school.

We are equally proud and grateful for the contribution put in by our Alumni, students who have passed through the glorious portals of this esteemed institution. They have in their wake left indelible footprints in the sands of time for us to follow and emulate.

We are extremely grateful to our founding members who dared to dream and toiled endlessly to bring into existence an institution of such high repute. We in St. Mary’s School, Fatehgarh sahib, yearn and strive to continue building this legacy.

Thank You.