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As per the regulations laid down by CBSE for Yearly Examination, our school curriculum is designed to provide academic challenge within a stimulating and exciting environment. The assessment structure comprises of two terms- Term-I & Term-II, in which each subject is evaluated for 100 marks. Each term includes internal assessment for 20 marks (Periodic Test (10M) + Subject Enrichment (5M) + Notebook Maintenance (5M) ) and Written Test for 80 Marks.

Teaching Methodology

A well planned, purposeful and effective methodology is followed through:

  • Smart Class.
  • Weekly Class Tests.
  • Regular Assignments.
  • On-line guidance through Smart Class.
  • Mind Stimulating Projects.
  • Aptitude testing for senior classes.
  • Use of Labs and projects for enhanced learning atmosphere
  • Language Development :
    Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing
  • Cognitive Development :
    Mathematics, Environment Studies
  • Creative and Expressive Arts :
    Art and Craft, Music, dance
  • Physical Development :
    Physical Education, Health Education
  • Good Social Habits
  • Value Education